Property Management

Livingston Development owns and manages multiple commercial and residential properties within the Five Boroughs. Over the years LDC has diversified their properties to include assisted properties under a variety of HUD subsidy programs, conventional rental properties and commercial properties.

Livingston’s goal is to increase the value of our assets through expense reduction, proactive maintenance and physical upkeep of our properties. Our management program incorporates all of the following aspects:

Budgeting – We create and manage a detailed annual budget with specific goals in mind. All budgets are prepared with an emphasis on operating the property at peak efficiency while striving to increase the bottom line.

Capital Improvement – We take an in depth look at the property and typically prepare capital improvement plan. This plan will project anticipated time frames and costs for major improvements. This allows us to more accurately forecast cash flow and helps to reduce the risk of unforeseen costly repairs/improvements.

Day to day management – We oversee the day to day operations of our buildings with an emphasis on customer service. We handle all tenant inquiries, mechanical issues, purchasing of supplies, hiring of vendors, contracting for maintenance services as well as maintaining the upkeep of the property.

Accounting – Our accounting team is instrumental in the day to day operation of the properties. They handle the billing of monthly statements, collection of accounts receivable, verification of services and payment of accounts payable.

Leasing – The day to day marketing of the building to potential new tenants, negotiating the leases and overseeing the execution process. Communicating with current tenants to ensure they feel confident in the renewal process.

Livingston has worked hard to establish and maintain an excellent relationship with our residents, tenants and local communities. We offer residents safe, clean apartments in desirable locations at attractive rates. We strive to create a genuine sense of community by tailoring services to meet the needs of each property we manage. We develop solid financial bases for our investors and owners by continually monitoring, maintaining and improving the physical structure of each property. In all areas of property management, we work to integrate creative and innovative means by which to achieve success.

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