Value Engineering is the systematic approach of identifying waste and inefficiency in an electrical design. Through the use of creative thinking, engineers are able to provide a more cost effective electrical design for the owner while maintaining visual aesthetics and code compliance.

Livingston Electrical utilizes value engineering on all jobs. After carefully evaluating the owner’s original design intent, Livingston makes certain suggestions that increase installation efficiency, maintain aesthetics, decrease costs to the owner and ensure code conformity.

Livingston emphasizes installing as much system, power & branch conduit work in the deck as possible. This allows for a more efficient installation with minimal exposure on the finished floors.

A step ahead…

Livingston’s devotion to customer satisfaction is evidenced by the various methods of personnel management. Each job consists of at least one quality control manager that carefully monitors, records and evaluates the overall performance of each individual electrician-everyday ensuring high quality work in a timely manner. Job complexity requires ever increasing coordination with trades – not just at time of design coordination but during installation – before/during/after. We strive to make the job headache free for our customer.

Monthly performance evaluations are utilized to motivate electricians to perform to the best of their abilities. Personnel attitudes, attendance, quality and quantity of work are only a few of the areas measured by management. Each electrician’s overall score is then recorded and becomes the basis for their yearly bonuses.

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