Commitment and Core Values


The L Group strives to be the best asset on the construction team.
We bring a proactive attitude with a team approach to each job. The company provides each project with a professional team who knows their business and understands the job’s requirements. The L group gets the job done right, the first time, regardless of construction challenges –

We make it happen!


Integrity. We apply best practices in our work and that defines us professionally and personally.

Experience. We know our business, we know our responsibilities and we bring this experience to every project.

Efficiency. We understand the importance of schedule and budget, so we work with accuracy and precision to meet and exceed project requirements.

Reliability. When you call on us, you can count on us, each and every time.

Safety. We take every precaution on every job to protect our personnel’s safety and the safety of everyone on the job site.

Tel. (718) 969-2700 Fax. (718) 380-2967